Private Health Tests

A range of blood tests and screening panels to

maintain optimal health.

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private blood tests and health screening
private blood screening

Why have private testing?

Private blood tests and health screening offer a detailed insight into the body's performance and can identify problems early, before health issues arise.

Unlike standard tests, private screening can be customised and targeted to specific health outcomes or concerns.

Early detection provides an advantage and regular monitoring can provide advance warning of any potential problems before they become life altering or debilitating.

testing for leaky gut, gut bio, sibo and cancer markers

What tests are available?

Positive IV offers a range of blood tests and health screening panels that can be instrumental in tracking personal health and wellness goals.

Tests are available to monitoring things like cancer markers, gut bio, and acid, mould, or heavy metals gives insight into appropriate treatment options.

Tests may be customised to focus on specific areas of health or performance with treatment plans tailored to individual health needs.

Benefits of Private Health Screening

There are a large number of benefits to private health tests

Wider Range of Testing Options
Tests Personalised to Individual Concerns
Advance Warning of Problems
Monitor and Detect Issues
Support Existing Treatment Programs
Assess Treatment Efficacy
Better Disease Management
Preventative Screening
Improved Health Protection
Detect Age-related or Heriditary Conditions
Fast Results
National Testing Centres

Available Tests

Positive IV in partnership with Randox offers tests and screening at centres across the UK.

Cancer Markers

Keep a close check on cancer markers and monitor effectiveness of treatment and therapies.

Sports Panel

Check and enhance sports performance by checking vitamin deficiency, enzymes, and nutrional fluctuations.


Ensure that your body produces enough of the G6PD enzyme to support high strength Vitamin C treatments.

Prostate Screening

Prostate cancer is on the rise. Screen to detect issues early and avoid disease-related complications.

Acid, Mould, Heavy Metals

Check for mould, acid, and heavy metals in the body that can lead to a number of health problems.

Bio, Leaky Gut, SIBO

Balance gut health and check for bacterial problems that contribute to other illnesses and health issues.